New Year’s Student Council Activities

All students are not excited about returning to school after the holiday season. Introducing monthly themes can give them a way to bring some fun back into their daily routines at school. They are school activities that can be based on colors, music, hobbies or pranks. Host a different theme for each month that can become one of your ongoing New Year’s student council activities. Make a list of possible theme ideas or collect suggestions from the student body in advance.

Student council members must vote and select next month’s theme during the current month. Possible monthly themes for January include New Year’s resolution tracking, organization or community service. February’s theme could be color based, challenging students to wear red, white or pink outfits and accessories for the entire month. Monthly themes are one of the New Year’s student council activities that can be done for fun or prizes. Members of your student-run government may choose to provide prizes to students with the most organized locker of January. Take photos each month with students that reflect the current month’s theme in a creative or humorous manner. These photos can be auctioned off during a student council fundraiser or used an addition to the yearbook.

Designate Teacher’s Assistants for the Week
Many teachers are overwhelmed with lesson plans, grading, classroom maintenance and related school duties. Offer to reduce their workload by adding teacher assistants to your list of New Year’s student council activities. Allow students to sign up for one week of service as a volunteer teacher’s assistant. Their jobs can be selected at random from a group of requests submitted by teachers who need help at your school. Assistants would help with cleaning, decorating, organization, distributing books, assignments or any other classroom tasks usually completed by teachers. All members of student council should participate as teacher assistants at least once to build momentum and display leadership qualities.

Make a 2019 Yearbook in Review
Senior students are usually the main focus of a yearbook at some schools. Set aside some school time to develop and publish a 2019 yearbook that covers memories of all students. The yearbook does not have to be centered on school related events exclusively. This publication should include input from students in all grade levels at your school. Partner with members of your school newspaper who can help the student council design and print this yearbook.

Include photos, news stories and awards from your local community and around the world as they related to students at the school. The yearbook can also be divided into sections focused on specific categories including school, world news and local events. A 2019 review yearbook is one of the New Year’s student council activities that aid in the development of keepsakes to be cherished for current and future generations.