New Year’s Resolutions, Yuk!

I will be bringing in the New Year of 2019 with a foggy head, great laughter and wobbly stance. I will stand with friends and loved ones and announce, with slightly slurred speech, “I resolve not to make any resolutions this day”! The laughter will be deafening as I step back and fall heavily to my own sofa, spilling my drink and scattering those who were sitting there just one moment ago.

I also resolve not to be anywhere except my own home on this day of reflections and contemplation. If I do go out, I will certainly have a designated driver or money aside for a taxi. I don’t drink often and certainly wouldn’t advocate drinking and driving for many reasons that we all know.

I believe the last night of this outgoing year is to be one of reflections and gratitude. If I did any thing right this last year, it was to write out goals & commitments frequently, often times daily, which I attribute to our many successes in 2018.

I too, like many have already written out my goals, (the larger ones), for 2019 already. Just to brag a bit, but I had them done over the Christmas Holiday. Cheesy or anal, perhaps, yet this is the one consistent thing that I did throughout 2018 that kept my life afloat. Paid all the bills, kept our home and cars and everyone is of decent health. Were there losses this year, of course there were. My step father and grandmother died late this past summer within 2 weeks of each other in different states. Found out that I had two ruptured disc as well as needing 2 root canals and a niece who at 4 months old required major heart surgery. Minor to some who are reading, yet I am grateful for the smallest of things as there could have been more traumatic events.

I am grateful for all those who inspired me to persist at keeping my goals right in front of myself. Often my goals would change, especially the smaller ones, but that is why they were small as quite often I may have been going the wrong way. Giving in and learning is tough on us older dogs but I have great confidence in my ability to take emotion out of important decisions and choose wisely. I have a huge list of accomplishments to be grateful for this past year, but most of all, I am grateful that I have a choice.

Every day of being alive is one choice after another. Do I get up or do I hit the snooze bar? Do I brush my teeth before or after my shower? Do I want to put my clothes out for tomorrow or just get them in the morning? That of course is only 3 of the thousands that we make each day. Sounds exhausting doesn’t it? It isn’t though, we have conditioned ourselves over time and quite frankly, I feel that 70% of the decisions we make are automatic, they come from within without a conscious thought.

My resolution for the new year is to advocate to as many people as I can to write it down. Just like the grocery list. If you have a list and go shopping, usually you get everything on that list and maybe a little extra. Guess what, your life is just like going to the store. If you don’t have the list in front of you as to what you are going for, do you think you will get anything you really want?

Your life is yours, do with it as you will. I feel strongly about knowing what road I will travel and without the map (written goals and directions), I may end up on the wrong side of the state.

To everyone, have a safe and miraculous New Year!